Preparations that help treatment of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The disease usually manifests itself in the lungs, although it can affect other organs (brain, meningitis, kidney, intestine, bone, ovaries, etc.). Transmitted via tiny particles that the patient coughs into the environment and is therefore only suffering from contagious pulmonary tuberculosis. The infection does not mean disease, while only 10% of those who are infected and get sick from active tuberculosis. Whether this infection and illness occur depends, on the one hand, of the causative agent (its virulence), on the other hand, the resistance of the organism that comes into contact with the germ.
Risk factors for the disease include HIV infection, immune compromising conditions, smoking, low body weight, alcohol and / or drugs, socially vulnerable groups, prisoners, community living with the tuberculosis patient.
The most common symptoms of TB are: fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss, enhanced night sweats, fever, with cough that is usually dry and hard, and rarely accompanied by phlegm, pus or blood. Wheezing may be present if the disease is advanced, and chest pain occur if the affected pleura. If you are affected other organs, the disease is manifested by problems related to them.

It is recommended that for all people who cough for more than three weeks ways of X-ray to rule out tuberculosis.



Recommended food supplements:

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