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Hearing loss and tinnitus

Malfunctions in the inner ear may endanger the hearing, lead to tinnitus (constant ringing in the ear), or dizziness. These problems are very widespread, especially in people older than 65 years. One-third, to half of the population, has a hearing impairment. Hearing loss, which is caused by age, can be prevented. Factors that originate from the diet and supply of nutritive substances play an important role in these disorders.


Recommendations for diet

Excessive consumption of saturated fatty acids and holestrol can lower the sensitivity of hearing. This occurs because of increased fat values in the blood hinder the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the capillaries of the inner ear.
Meals containing a lot of sugar stimulates the secretion of adrenaline and epinephrine, also narrows the tiny blood vessels in the inner ear, which can lead to symptoms such as hearing loss and tinnitus, which appear and disappear again. High blood sugar can react with proteins in the blood and lead to damage of blood vessels. It occurs in children and in adults.
Caffeine and nicotine are tightening, too, blood vessels and can lead to prolaynog origin of tinnitus and hearing loss.
Taking aspirin regularly and consuming a lot of alcohol can cause ringing and buzzing in the ears. Allergy to foods can, also, to cause functional problems of the inner ear, for example. tinnitus and hearing impairment.

Special Notes

  • Excessive noise load during the whole life vremenonm damage the sensory cells of the ear and is often the reason for the hearing loss. At the workplace with a great noise should be required to wear ear protection. Avoid long time listening to the loud nuziku (especially through headphones).
  • Fainting, which occurs suddenly and disappears again, it can be mitigated if you regularly eat ginger. For the treatment of unconsciousness recommended taking a spoon of ground ginger mixed with hot water. Ginger relieves nausea and travel.
  • Burden aluminum or lead can cause tinnitus.


Recommended food supplements:


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