Preparations for strengthening the immune system

Our first objective must always be to our imunisistem keep in balance, ie. they will always receive the correct response of the immune system. Are not desirable either inadequate immune response (susceptibility to infections, weakness immunity), or too immune response (hypersensitivity, autoimmune conquer technique, inflammation).

Since the immune system is not “tangible” organ such as the heart and liver, account must be taken different aspects that sustain health and the immune system. That’s especially the central role of functional ability intestines, skin and mucous membranes, as well as other competent immune system (eg, spleen, bone marrow, lymph).


Nutrition and micronutrient substances

The immune system can not function optimally only if it is constantly supplied with the right elements. Appropriate, balanced diet that has a decisive significance. Improper and insufficient diet, which is very common in developing countries, or which is seen in unprofessional aquatic diets for weight loss, leading to disorder the important factors of immunity. In industrial and developing countries is much more frequent occurrence of excessive feeding. Excessive intake of empty calories with lots of sugar and white flour, fat and alcohol, with insufficient dietary fiber and micronutrient substances, leading to immune response specifically misrepresented.


Minerals and trace elements
Lifetime necessary
fatty acid
Amino acids
+ other
Vitamin A
Vitamin B6
Folic acid
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Omega 3 – fatty acids
Omega 6 – fatty acids

Special notes:

  • In diseases of the immune system, usually an event that affects a number of factors.
  • The immune system will not be necessary only during the winter. Make sure therefore that imunisistem remain in balance throughout the year.
  • In order to achieve a significant improvement of immunological events and immune response, it is necessary at least 6 – 12 months.
  • Short-term measures are meaningful only with cottage cheese diseases (eg, colds, acute allergies). It takes time for the long-term, fundamental and effective regulation of the immune system.

Following products have a very strong positive effect on immunity

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If you believe in natural solutions, royal jelly extract is for you. Bees feed the queen-bee with this nutrient concentrate. This substance enables her to live as long as 3-4 years, while the life span of workers is only 4-6 weeks. The consumption of royal jelly concentrate is beneficial for humans as well. More…



Samburex - zova za pomoc organizmuSamburex 

SambuRex is a formula which primarily targets the protection of the immune system; its main ingredients are elderberry and Echinacea that have been used for long in popular medicine, and Astragalus which is applied with predilection in Eastern medicine. More…



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