Super Mega CoQ10 120 mg to strengthen the vitality

Super Mega CoQ10

Super Mega CoQ10 Plus contains a large amount of CoQ10, which is supplemented with three antioxidants – beta carotene, vitamin E and selenium, to achieve synergistic effects, whose intake is recommended both for therapeutic purposes and as a supplement thereto, and for general prevention.

By entering large amounts of CoQ10, we can not only make us feel better and be in excellent health, but also can contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, preserving heart health, eye and mental abilities as well as prevention of migraine attacks and significantly improve potency and fertility .


In which case we recommend Super Mega CoQ10

In addition to the increased level of mental and physical exercise, smoking or taking certain medications also further strain on the body. In such cases it is necessary to further increase the level of CoQ10 in the blood, in order to effect any more effective. In addition, by taking large amounts can do much to improve the health of the heart, to normalize blood pressure, to preserve mental ability and positive results have been achieved in those who regularly suffer from migraines.

Adequate quantities for people who take it for therapeutic purposes

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance, which is soluble in fats. You need to be taken regularly over a long period of time in order to be effective, and even to continue taking after achieve the desired effect. However, in order to more effectively absorbed, it makes sense to be taken several times smaller amounts. We had in mind these facts when designing versions of 50 mg, and it is our pleasure, we can improve the quality of life for all those who take coenzyme Q10 for therapeutic purposes.

The triple antioxidant protection

Of course, the well-known trio of beta carotene vitamin E and selenium can not be omitted even from this formula. These are individually one of the most important antioxidants, but can be applied in combination with each other to strengthen action and thus achieve significant beneficial effect.

So thanks to taking Super Mega CoQ10 can not only make us feel better and be in excellent health, but at the same time if our cells that receive exceptional antioxidant protection.

Coenzyme Q10   120 mg
Beta Carotene   1000 I.U.
Vitamin E   10 I.U.
Selenium   10 μg


• Those struggling with cardiovascular illnesses and blood pressure problems,
• who had a heart attack,
• those struggling with migraine,
• those suffering from gums problems,
• people suffering from tinnitus,
• men in order to improve fertility,
• those who would seek strong antioxidant protection.


Please also note when storing it that it is sensitive to heat and light. The quality of pure coenzyme-Q10 starts
deteriorating above 35 °C. Pregnant and nursing mothers should seek medical advice before its application.

Super Mega CoQ10

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