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qProtect - mocna antioksidantna formula

The main ingredient of qProtect is Ginkgo biloba, which is the most ancient tree in the history of Earth. It is well known that besides its antioxidant properties, it beneficially affects the function of the body in many other ways. qProtect contains useful vitamins and trace elements as well.

Typically all atoms have paired electrons surrounding the nucleus. Our natural metabolic processes cause some of these atoms to lose a single electron, resulting in a highly unstable particle called a free radical. The free radical will try and remedy the unnatural state of an unpaired electron by stealing an electron from another normal atom. This causes a chain reaction of free radical creation that, over time, damages the cells of the body. This process is referred to as oxidation, and many scientists regard oxidative cell damage caused by free radicals to be one of the root causes of the metabolic deterioration that comes with aging.

Antioxidants are substances that are able to donate an electron to convert free radicals back to a normal state, without becoming unstable themselves. Thus antioxidants help protect the cells and tissues of the body from oxidative damage. Vitamins with strong antioxidative properties include beta carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, and vitamin E. The trace mineral selenium has also shown similar properties.

The fossil record shows that the maidenhair tree, widely known by its scientific name Ginkgo biloba, existed some 270 million years ago, making it the most ancient tree species known. This living relic is very rich in antioxidants and flavanoids, and may help to improve blood flow and microcirculation in the capillaries. Microcirculation is important for oxygen and nutrients to enter the brain through the blood brain barrier.

  • Those who wish to have daily antioxidant protection,
  • who live a stressful lifestyle,
  • who would like to preserve their physical and mental freshness,
  • for elderly people to maintain normal brain functions and memory,
  • those struggling with cardiovascular problems,
  • those who often experience cold limbs,
  • people struggling with tinnitus,
  • those whose diet is insufficient,
  • active or passive smokers, residents of cities with polluted air,
  • those who regularly consume alcohol.


Consult with a qualified medical practitioner before taking any supplement.
This product is not recommended during pregnancy or nursing, for hemophiliacs, for those taking anticoagulants, and before operations or surgery, as Ginkgo biloba may increase blood coagulation time.
Diabetics should obtain qualified medical advice before taking this product.
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.
Keep out of reach of young children.



Beta-carotene   3000  I.U.

Vitamin C   60 mg

Vitamin E   10 I.U.

Selenium   20  µg

Ginkgo biloba leaf   50 mg


Packing: 90 tablets food supplement


For children ages 2-6: 1 tablet daily.
For children ages 6-12: 1-2 tablets daily.
For adults: 1 tablet three times daily.

Daily dosages in a bottle: 30

qProtect - mocna antioksidantna formula


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