Organic Noni – High concentrated Noni juice

Organski Noni - Visoko koncentrovan

Morinda citrifolia (the Polynesian language: noni) is exotic fruit, which contains several substances of vital importance. Polynesian noni noni juice and organic products are complex, designed to have a beneficial effect on health, rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Stimulate cellular function and normal division of cells, and reduce the inflammation in the body. Contribute liver function and have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities.
The use of the term “organic”, or put in another way, “BIO” is lately quite trendy. “Organic” business is booming, and demand has significantly increased. Aware of the consumers in the purchase prefer a food and clothing items, however many still do not know what is really meant this term.
Noni belongs to the most popular exotic super-fruit, as it is extremely rich in active ingredients that contribute to the preservation of health. Modern technology development combined with environmental practices CaliVita products, enabling us to get the most out of what we offer this amazing fruit.


What are some of the most important benefits of daily consumption of noni?

Antimicrobial activity of noni may help avoid infections or to do therapy against them easier. Certain active agents in noni can help fight bacteria and the most common infections and food poisoning caused by food. Other studies have shown that its efficacy in inhibiting the bacteria that causes tuberculosis is comparable to the effect of antibiotics.

Organic noni fruits that come from environmentally controlled farms are blended organically grown raspberries. Polynesian noni comes from unpolluted nature and organic noni comes from farms classified as organic.


Noni can effectively complement the therapy against high blood pressure.


One study from 2010 talking about, that regular consumption of noni successfully prevented an increase in levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the blood, which occurs after the consumption of foods with high fat content. Such an increase in the level of fat is a substantial share of responsibility for the formation of arteriosclerosis and partly for cardiovascular diseases.

The studies, which were further confirmed with numerous testimonies of users talking about it, that noni has a prominent anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, gentler effect on the stomach, compared with antiinflammatory agents, and also has no adverse side effects.

In vitro studies have shown that organic noni juice has extraordinary antioxidant effect. During the experiment has been successfully preserved cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, and it is almost three times more effective than vitamin C.


  • In order to improve the resistance of the body,
  • to support the balanced operation of the body,
  • to increase and maintain general energy levels,
  • to supplement detoxifying processes.

Organic Noni active ingredient:
Organic certified noni fruit solids (Morinda citrifolia)



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