Help and support in the treatment of Lyme disease


Lajmska bolestLyme disease is an infectious disease whose causative agent is Borrelia burgdorferi. The infection is transmitted by tick bites. The time from tick bite to onset of the disease ranges from 3 to 32 days. The early phase of the disease can sometimes cause no symptoms and ill see the doctor until the late events. Widespread outbreaks and the growing trend to make this disease a significant problem. The disease occurs in all age groups. The greatest number of cases are reported from May to July, although the activity of ticks observed throughout the year if they are favorable climatic factors.

The first manifestation is usually red macula at the injection site, which is slowly and painlessly expands creating concentric circles. This specific variation is called erythema migrans in diameter, depending on the injection site, and can be 70 cm. Sometimes there is a similar multiple skin lesions independently from the injection site. Early symptoms include general weakness, fatigue, fever, headache, stiff neck, myalgia, arthralgia and migratory lymphadenopathy. When untreated, problems can last for several weeks or longer. Symptoms usually begin a week or a month after the tick bite.

In case of a tick bite or the onset of symptoms, immediately contact your doctor!



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