Regulation of low blood pressure with natural food supplements

Zdrav život

Low blood pressure (hypotension) is defined as a blood pressure that is lower than normally expected for a particular person in certain circumstances and is a relative term. Blood pressure values vary depending on the activity, age, medications and health status. The big question is how low should blood pressure be to the long-term state of low blood pressure labeled as a disease – a chronic hypotension with symptoms and / or reduction in quality of life.
Hypotension is defined as blood pressure of less than 100/60 mmHg measured several times in the outpatient setting with the presence of symptoms (fatigue, sleep disturbances, vertigo, dizziness, fainting, anxiety or depression, a feeling of cardiac palpitations, sweating) and the absence of other diseases. Besides permanently present low blood pressure (chronic primary, idiopathic) which can not detect a cause, there is a secondary hypotension caused by various diseases, conditions and medications, and acute conditions with sudden drop in blood pressure of whom orthostatic (postural) hypotension and postprandial most common.
You should first determine whether it is primary or secondary to hypotension or should exclude the disease, condition, or drugs that cause secondary hypotension. After reviewing the entire body should be repeatedly measured blood pressure and heart rate in the supine, sitting and standing position. Laboratory tests should be limited to glucose, complete blood count and renal function. After that, it is advisable to carry out monitoring of blood pressure during daily activities, or its 24-hour measurement.
Treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms, it is not necessary if low blood pressure causes no symptoms or decreased quality of life. Treatment measures are as follows: measures concerning food include an increase in salt intake, getting out of bed should be gradual, increase physical activity, caffeine, if the described measures do not lead to a satisfactory increase in blood pressure and relief of symptoms recommended for drugs. Possible therapeutic regimen includes dihydroergotamine, etilefrine, amezinium, combination thereof, or gradually adding mineralocorticoid. Treatment of secondary hypotension depend on the cause.


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