Multivitamin for children in the form of jellybeans


Multivitamin za decu u obliku gumenih bombona

Do you know the situation when the child does not want to eat vegetables or fruit? Then mainly applies trick, that “if we eat spanać’ after’ll get some candy because, you know, the ones that you love so much”, but it happens, that even this does not work … We have a good news: from now on, you will not have to to share the tasty and healthy.

Yes, it is possible that what is healthy and tasty at the same time, and what is delicious, it is also healthy. New multivitamin for children Gummy Kids is very tasty and can be easily chewed, as is made from gelatin. Colorful rubber candy in the form of various dinosaurs, and are really interesting and fun, so with play and in a fun way, we can teach our children about health.

Natural flavor and color

Gummy Kids multivitamin for children do not contain artificial colors or flavor enhancers. Multicolored patchwork rubber candy was achieved using ingredients from natural sources, for example by adding black carrot juice concentrate or concentrates purple fruit annatto seeds. The aroma is obtained from natural flavors of cherry and orange as well as natural blend of wild berries.

Extra vitamin D

Gummy Kids contains vitamin D in the most active form, as vitamin D3. About the many beneficial effects of vitamin D on youth and adult singles are already able to read in many places. However, it is important to note again that the intake of adequate amounts of vitamin D during Childhood beneficial effect on the development of bones, teeth and muscle, the proper functioning of the immune system and may help reduce your risk of diabetes emergence or development of psychiatric disorders in children.

Multivitamin for winter and summer

The content of nutrients in the soil nowadays is far less than the value of the past, and what is worse, fruits and vegetables during the transport, processing and cooking further loses from an already depleted vitamin content, so that supplementation of vitamins may be needed not only during the winter, but in summer, during the season of fruit.
Gummy Kids is a multivitamin with the content of vitamins A, C, D, E, B6 and B12, folic acid, iodine, zinc, biotin and pantothenic acid, which contains the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements in such proportions that the best measure contributing to the balanced development children and proper formation of their immunity.


  • For children’s everyday consumption to support the healthy operation of their immune system and their appropriate development,
  • everybody who wants to educate their child on health in a playfully and easily manner,
  • everybody who prefers easy chewable and pleasant tasting multivitamins,
  • everybody who seeks a complex preparation containing vitamin D.
1000 I.U. Vitamin A
15 mg Vitamin C
300 I.U. Vitamin D3
9 I.U. Vitamin E
0.5 mg Vitamin B6
100 mcg Folic acid
1.5 mcg Vitamin B12
38 mcg Biotin
2.5 mg Pantothenic acid
15 mcg Iodine
1.3 mg Zinc

Multivitamin za decu u obliku gumenih bombona


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