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Gingivitis and Periodontal

The periodontal tissues consist of three components: the gums, the bone in which the teeth are set, and the periodontal ligament, a thin layer of connective tissue that attaches the roots of teeth to the bone. Gingivitis (redness and inflammation of the gums) is caused by a nearly invisible sticky film of bacteria and other debris along the gum line, called dental plaque. An early sign of gingivitis is easy bleeding when brushing or flossing the teeth. Dental plaque contains harmful bacteria that can damage both the teeth and periodontal tissues. Early gingivitis is reversible. But untreated it progresses over months to years to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is marked by permanent damage to the underlying bone and tissue, causing swollen and receding gums, and, ultimately, loose, unstable teeth.

Diet – Gingivitis

A diet high in refined carbohydrates (especially sucrose) promotes periodontal disease. Frequent consumption of sugar increases plaque build-up and risk of gingivitis. Sugars also promote periodontal disease by reducing the ability of the white blood cells in the gums to destroy the pathogenic plaque bacteria. Sucrose is particularly destructive in sticky form (like candy and baked goods) because it clings longer to the teeth. Regular intake of foods rich in vitamin C, high-quality protein, and zinc can help maintain the integrity of the periodontal tissues.

Micronutrients – Gingivitis

  • Vitamin C 0.5–1.0 g (best if taken together with a bioflavonoid complex) Vitamin C may help heal inflamed gums and reduce bleeding. It also helps maintain the immune system to fight periodontal infection.
  • Folic acid 500 μg–1 mg (can also be taken as a 0.1% solution of folate mouthwash, rinsing with tablespoon twice daily ) Can be an effective treatment for periodontal disease; diseased gums may contain only low levels of folate.
  • Vitamin D and calcium 5–10 μg vitamin D and 600 mg calcium Can help maintain the bones surrounding and supporting the teeth.


Recommended food supplements:

Vitamin C 500 mg   Strong Bones PLUS - Kalcijum, magnezijum i viitamin D3   Kompleks B vitamina protiv stresa   Podjezicni koenzim Q10