Flatulence, meteorism, appearance is a large quantity of gas in the intestines. Abdominal bloating was the only symptom that accompanies some organic changes in the body. An increasing number of people suffer from the symptoms of bloating and increased amounts of gases in the intestines – flatulence. This disorder is not only socially disrupting and unpleasant but may be accompanied by convulsions and pain.

Flatulence is usually a consequence of fast living and bad habits of eating. Each person has a certain amount of gas in the intestines, resulting in one of the following ways:

  • Swallowing air during eating (aerophagia)
  • Release of CO2 that occurs under the influence of stomach acid and enzymes to the food in the stomach.
  • Release of HCO (pancreatic)
  • Decomposition of carbohydrates and other organic matter, bacteria in the intestines, a larger quantity of gas
  • The diffusion of gas out of the blood into the lumen of the intestine
  • When indigestion (eg, dysfunction of the pancreas and liver), increased the amount of gas in the intestines.


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