Vitamin E to preserve the health and vitality of cells


Vitamin E u tabletama



Vitamin E, which is also referred to as the vitamin of eternal youth, has several benefial effects on the whole body. It protects valuable fatty acids from the free radicals that damage them (so it is a powerful antioxidant), thus it contributes to keeping our cells, skin, nervous and circulatory systems healthy and young.




Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency may include: eye diseases (e.g. impaired perfusion of the retina), bone development disorders, decreased sexual function or, in more serious cases, nerve and muscle damage that result in weaker muscular strength.

  • All those wishing to retain their youthfulness,
  • after illnesses and weak conditions in order to help the regeneration of cells,
  • after bruises and burns in order to accelerate the recovery process of the skin,
  • athletes for proper muscle development and to increase muscle performance.

Due to the slight blood thinning effect of vitamin E, those taking anticoagulants should seek their physician’s advice before applying the product.

Vitamin E u tabletama


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