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 CaliVita International



CaliVita ® International is a dynamically growing multinational company.
It is our mission to bring forth the prospect of a Quality Life, both in health conditions and in a financial sense.
Our company motto is Quality Life.
By embracing the New Philosophy of CaliVita ® International and taking personal reponsibility, we may possess the asset to preserve our physical health, as well as that of our families and friends.


CaliVita ® International; in the Right Place, at the Right Time

CaliVita® International is engaged in the production and marketing of dietary supplements, the consumption of which should be an essential and benefical part of today’s modern lifestyle, if we are to preserve our health and compensate for the harmful enviromental effects.

Medical conferrences

The medical profession plays a key role in the development of the highly effective food supplements that bear the CaliVita® International name. The composition, usage and descriptions of the products are the result of extensive, thorough professional work. CaliVita® International pays special attention to the continuous development of medical expertise, and provides the Company’s medical consultants with the opportunity of sharing their knowledge and experience with both their own profession and network Members.


Seminars and trainings

CaliVita® International regularly organizes training sessions for it’s Members. At these events Members learn ways to boost their performance from top Managers of the network and have a chance to enhance their knowledge of the product through presentations from the medical community. The training sessions offer Members a great opportunity to benefit from the dynamics of belonging to a large network… they can ask questions, make comments and share their experience with others.
CaliVita® International recognizes the efforts and contribution of the most successful Managers of the global system by inviting them to the International Success Seminar, sponsored annually by the Company at an exotic destination resort. Participants at the International Success Seminar include the founder and president of CaliVita® International, Gerry Hargitai, as well as other network and business leaders. The opportunity for participants to consult and interact with top management can greatly enhance their knowledge and experience for building their network. This, combined with plenty of time for relaxation and entertainment, make the International Success Seminar a thoroughly enriching and revitalizing experience.


Benefits of the membership

  • Independence. Every Member may decide when and with whom they intend to work.
  • Financial security.  CaliVita® International guarantees an income, which is proportional to the time and energy invested, and opens the door for foundation of a financially secure life.  Above average performance is remunerated with outstanding revenue.
  • Success.  CaliVita® International rewards its most successful Members both financially and morally.  The door to success is open to everybody, and it is solely up to the Member’s decision, whether they intend to make the best of this opportunity.
  • Teamwork.  Network Members are Members of the CaliTeam, where they can make new acquaintances and friends, and can spend a good time together.
  • Health.  Everybody who embraces the Philosophy of the Company has taken an important step toward maintaining good health.  Consumption of CaliVita® International dietary supplements has become an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.
With no risk and minimal input, Members can realize a reasonable income, proportional to the time and energy invested.