Cocoa bean extract + Goji extract


Due to the cocoa bean extract of Cocoa Bean Extract+ it helps in case of lethargy or in stressful periods. The flavonoids found in the cocoa bean increase the sensation of calmness and content, the caffeine content reduces tiredness and acts as a stimulant, while theobromine stimulates the functions of the nervous system and improves mental functions. Thanks to its outstanding magnesium content, it may calm the nerves and its potassium content may normalize blood pressure and may help to prevent thrombosis or even heart attacks.

  • In stressful, tense periods in order to maintain balance,
  • as a natural stimulant in case of depression and tiredness,
  • in order to preserve mental freshness and improve memory, especially in old age,
  • in order to promote concentration in times of hard mental work or exam periods.
Cocoa bean extract 450mg
Goji extract 50 mg
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