Losa cirkulacijaDue to the fact that they are basically numerous heart and brain diseases, poor circulation and other disorders of blood flow are the most common causes of death and amputation of limbs.
– The main causes that cause poor circulation are inheriting, improper diet, obesity, bad habits such as smoking, lack of physical activity and non-compliance with the Council during the treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes.
Patients with impaired peripheral, that is circulation in the legs and arms, almost 90 per cent of cases have poor circulation in the blood vessels of the heart, neck and head.
– Poor circulation in the peripheral parts of the body, such as feet and hands, the patient will not notice so that he feels that his cold hands and feet. Besides skin can take the blue, and blue color, hands numb and feeling cramps while walking. Pain, regardless of whether they are in the thighs, lower legs or feet, can passed away after a holiday, but reappear as soon as the new activity. Impaired circulation can cause unconsciousness and, lethargy, weakness, forgetfulness, poor concentration, loss of attention and “tingling” in the arms and legs.


Recommended food supplements for better circulation:


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