CaliVita® International Shared Marketing Regulations, as a global system embracing over 30 countries, offers the possibility for the establishment of a secure and prosperous private business.

The outstanding quality of CaliVita® products is promptly recognized by everybody who uses them, experience is then shared with others, and the reputation of the products is quickly spread unawares.

Products, available at Network Price for Members of CaliVita® International, can be resold at Retail Price – as long as the particular Member possesses the necessary means for retail sales, – and can be offered as a business opportunity for acquaintances, friends and family.  Once a person joins the system, the particular Member becomes their Sponsor, who may realize their own successes exclusively in a way which supports each other’s business.  The Network, like the foliage of a tree, grows and branches out to bear more and more fruit; this expansion is encouraged and hence rewarded by the Company.

When Members purchase a product, they receive certain Bonus Points (BP) and Commercial Points (CP), assigned to each specific product, which are aggregated on a monthly basis by the Company.

Members are entitled to get Personal Bonus Points (PBP) for purchase of products for personal use.
As soon as Members offer products or invite new Members and become Sponsors, they are entitled to get Group Bonus Points (GBP) after the purchases of the invited buyers.

The nominal achievement level of the Members is determined by the sum of Personal and Group Bonus Points, and may range from 4% to 21%.

·        4-10% is referred to as Consumer level,
·        12-21% is referred to as Distributor level,
·        Above 21% is referred to as Manager level.

The amount of remunerations may be increased by requisition of further incentive systems.
Payment may be drawn on a monthly basis.

Global network

CaliVita® International Network operates as a global system.  Although Members join the Network in their own country, they may purchase products from the full product range, even if some of the products are not listed in their country.  Moreover, Members may freely expand their network and invite new members from any country where CaliVita® International is present, regardless of geographical borders.

CaliVita® International offers boundless possibilities to everybody.  Success depends merely upon the energy and time invested, as well as on the extent and productivity of the Network.