Aquabelle Regenerating Cream

Aquabelle Regenerativna Krema - Ceramid za regeneraciju koze

The moisture content of our skin is important not only for esthetics. It protects our body from external harmful effects and prevents the water in the body from evaporating from the body. Aquabelle product line consists of a Hydrating Cleanser Lotion, a Regenerating and a Nourishing Cream for a healthy, bright skin.

The moisture in our skin is important not only from an esthetic point of view. It protects our body from external harmful effects, while also preventing water loss from the body through skin evaporation. There are a number of factors which tend to reduce the moisture content of the skin. One of these is aging, but also regular activity tends to decrease the moisture content as the day progresses. This is why proper moisturizing of the skin is so important for health and beauty for all ages. Optimal moisturizing can be achieved through a combination of adequate fluid intake, proper skin cleansing, and routine application of high quality moisturizing creams, such as the Aquabelle line of products.

Aquabelle has combined the latest scientific research with the power of nature to produce a line of truly unique skin care products. All Aquabelle products are based on three important pillars:

Only natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, etc. Advanced scientific ingredients such as ceramids, vitamins, etc. A revolutionarily, patented technology using purified water with decreased deuterium content (DD water – Decreased Deuterium water).
Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen, and naturally present in water. Scientific studies have indicated that reduced levels of deuterium tends to inhibit the growth and replication of faulty or aberrant cells.Decreased Deuterium Water (DDW) is absolutely safe to apply, it has no toxic effects, and it tends to beneficially affect cell regeneration.

The main ingredient of the cream is ceramide (a natural lipid), which regenerates the skin and strengthens its moisture retaining ability. It improves the flexibility of the skin, thus reducing wrinkles and it also effectively protects from harmful environmental effects. Its other main ingredient is vitamin E, which provides the skin excellent protection against harmful oxidative processes, thanks to its antioxidant effect.
The cream is primarily recommended for daytime use but it is also an ideal basis to be used under  facial makeup.



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