Aphtae: Diet and micronutrients

natural remedies against aphtae

Oral aphthae, commonly called canker sores, are small painful ulcers that occur on the oral mucosa. They can be triggered by multiple factors. Certain forms of streptococci can produce aphthae, particularly after minor trauma (from the toothbrush, accidentally biting the cheek) produces a break in the tissue.

Diet – Aphtae:

In certain individuals aphthae may be caused by food sensitivity.12 An elimination diet can identify the offending foods, which can then be avoided. Highly acidic foods – tomatoes, citrus fruits – can produce aphthae in susceptible individuals. Stress can also be a trigger. Because they compete with and reduce the number of oral streptococci, Lactobacillus in yogurt and other fermented milk products can reduce the frequency and severity of aphthae. People who have frequent aphthae may benefit from daily consumption of Lactobacillus-containing foods.

Micronutrients – Aphtae:

  • Zinc 30–60 mg Can help prevent aphthae, particularly in individuals with marginal zinc status
  • Vitamin B complex Balanced supplement containing all the B vitamins; ample folic acid and vitamin B12 are particularly important B vitamins promote health and strength of the oral mucosa
  • Vitamin A 2000 μg Helps maintain health and integrity of oral tissues