Thank you for visiting the web-shop of CaliVita International!

CaliVita International is a club of healthy lifestyle, and it distributes the products through the club system. You can become a member of the Club CaliVita, ordering one of products. Then you will get a club card and will have the opportunity to buy all products of the Company on discounted rate.
On this page, you can order all products on club price, which is 25% below of selling price, becoming simultaneously CaliVita member.
Delivery of orders carried out by mail, the cost of postal delivery depends on the region, delivery orders in excess of 200 Euros, is free (for EU countries).

How to get CaliVita membership

1. Please complete Registration form. After registration you will see club prices.
2. Your Sponsor code is 3814801575.
3. Fill in all fields marked in red (including date of birth). Select your country from the list.
4. Check the box „I anderstood and accept the membership rules“ and click „Submit“
5. Please wait a few minute for the pre-registration code (via e-mail). After its receipt click confirmation link (red), and your account will be activated.

How to make an order

1. Please visit, enter your pre-registration code and e-mail (at the top of the page, on the right hand side). Click the tab „Products“ and select the product. Click the product image to view a description. Click the cart icon to send a product to cart. After selecting all products, click „Show Cart“ (red icon on the right hand of the list).
2. Fill out step by step all the proposed fields and submit the order. You will receive an email confirmation of your order immediately.
3. If you selected as payment type Bank transfer or COD, you will receive an e-mail, in 24 hours, the bank details and other necessary information (except on Saturday and Sunday).
4. After your first order your membership code will be attached to you forever.
Important! The get the free membership the commercial points of the purchased products have to be at least 20. The commercial points (BV) are written in the list of products.
If you have a question, please contact me.